059 Timoree Branson: Church was Life. Faith Starts Fracturing. Difficult Talks with Her Christian Husband & Children


“I’ve been able to recognize that the good in me is me. It’s not coming from God or Jesus or the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it’s me

-Timoree Branson

A truly touching and inspiring story.

Christianity was everything for Timoree. It helped her with sobriety, mental illness and was a source of comfort. You can imagine that when faith begins to fracture, how unsettling and scary it was for her. 

The most important things in her life were at stake. Somehow, she still found the courage to face this challenge head on. Timoree tells the tearful, but moving stories of how she told her husband and children that she is not a Christian. Her son is a youth pastor! 

The beautiful thing about her story is the emphasis on relationships: our relationships with our spouse, children and friends. The value of having good people in our life is priceless.