042 LA & T: Pastor of 26 Yrs. Deconverts & Church Leaders Follow! His Radio Contract Gets Torn Up. He's a Top 300 Minister. Change Begins in India.


"Do the best you can do. Be nice and use breath mints"


This is such a remarkable story...

He's only been out from behind the pulpit for 6 months! He served as a minister for 26 years. This story has so many twists and turns, ups and downs.  

I can't begin to tell you all the fascinating moments LA shares with me today. He's joined by his wife T. They decided to use their nicknames for today's interview.

From a radio contract that seemed promising, to a tearful proclamation that he's been called to be a pastor.

Later in life LA and T experience a terrible loss, but their faith is strong. They encounter the fraudulent leaders of Evangelical America, but their faith persists. LA is even named a top 300 minister in America.

A chance trip to India changes everything! 

You can reach LA & T: Lemrich@mac.com 

Check out LA's blog! www.freshla.me

LA & T were also recently interviewed by Vice News on HBO, December 20, 2018. So exciting!