035 Ian Redfearn - Part 2: Resigns Church Membership. Tells His Wife He Can't Do Church Anymore. Talks About Atheist Spirituality & Some Awesome Quotes!


"Laugh at everything. Always be kind. Always be courageous and if you fail, make amends"

Ian Redfearn (via Dr. Who)

The second half of my conversation with Ian is wonderful!

We start with him resigning membership at his church, then discuss atheist spirituality. He shares observations about how church doesn't seem to make people any better.

Ian tells me how he prepared to tell his wife he couldn't go to church anymore. Her reaction was amazing! Finally, Ian ends on such an inspirational note. He shares a quote from the movie, The Life of Pi and also a quote from Dr. Who. As you probably know, I love quotes! These two in particular were very moving to me.

Thanks for listening!