035 Ian Redfearn - Part 1: Billy Graham, Christian Dental Fellowship & Toronto Blessing are Key. Ian's Wife & Son Get Difficult Health News. God Calls Him to Lead. Later Questions Cause Big Changes


"I was beginning to ask the questions and there were things I was observing and thinking, 'I'm not sure how we're going to hold this together here really'"

Ian Redfearn 

It was so much fun to meet and speak with Ian!

I loved hearing of his experience as a charismatic Christian in England. Definitely there are similarities to those of us in the U.S., but important differences too.

Ian has so many factors that played a role in shaping his faith. From seeing Billy Graham speak in person, to seeking out a Dental practice that was part of the Christian Dental Fellowship and his experience with the Toronto Blessing. As a young family, Ian and his wife received difficult news about her health and that of their first-born son.  

God calls Ian to lead. Ian gets some practice preaching. Seeing the influence of Answers in Genesis at his church is a significant turning point. Subsequent observations and questions prove to be the start of a big life change!