Hi, my name is Steve Hilliker.

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The Voices of Deconversion podcast was created to share the inspirational stories of atheists and agnostics who have deconverted from Christianity. Leaving Christianity can be a difficult journey, but we are not going through it alone! Sharing our stories provides hope and encouragement to others in their process of deconversion. Having an opportunity to hear and share these stories is something I have become very passionate about.

For many of us our personal relationship with God was the most important thing in our life. The realization that God does not exist can turn a person's world upside down. It can leave you without direction in life and feeling alone. I completely relate.

Changing paths

When I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, my plan to become a pastor was no longer an option. I was married with two young children and coming to realize that I was an atheist. I had no idea what to do. My career path was gone, my wife was still a Christian and our future uncertain. I worried about how I would talk to my kids about subjects like morality and death without using the Bible. I couldn't find resources or community. I struggled with uncertainty, isolation and depression.

Everything I thought I knew about my life and had poured my heart into had fallen apart. 

Graduation at Trinity Lutheran College in 2006. Our son unwittingly photo-bombs as he plays with a toy.

Graduation at Trinity Lutheran College in 2006. Our son unwittingly photo-bombs as he plays with a toy.

What made this transition especially difficult was that my closest friends and family were all Christians. This made it hard to talk openly about one of the most painful experiences in my life. One of the best things I discovered was the support of others who shared a similar journey and were willing to listen. 

Sharing our stories

Born from this experience has come a passion to share our stories. The Voices of Deconversion podcast exists for this purpose. Each story reminds us that no matter how difficult things may seem, we are not alone, we will make it through and we are better people for it. We don't take this journey alone, so let’s find our voice together and encourage the growing number of people whose stories need to be heard.

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